Functionalized Prepreg

Target of the project is the development of a construction technology on the basis of embroidery process in order to produce functionalized prepregs with resilient and matrix preimpregnated reinforcing fibres and functional elements. For this Suitable fibre and matrix materials, process technologies as well as construction tools will be analyzed and developed in the frame of the project.
A later infiltration step for the production of variable fibre plastic structures should be economized.

Potential possible applications of Prepregs:

  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Engine building
  • Sport equipment construction

The Tailored Prepreg Placement (TPP) technology should combine the high productiveness of duromer fibre deposit automats with high flexibility of the Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP)-technologies during the deposition of cambered bracing fibres. Due to this, it is possible to realize a higher component stiffness and fixedness as due to the use of multiaxial oriented prepreg structures.