Embroidered applications of restiform diodes

The intent develops the market of customer specific presentations and advertising systems with illumination. In the frame of the project a technology for embroidery applications of restiform diodes (up to a calibre of 18 mm) of technical embroideries will be developed and verified. A real challenge is the integration of a new light input and of a new contact system in the illumination layout. In order to satisfy the fire classes B1 and B2 a technology to equip strong relief-like embroideries will be prepared.

Potential possible applications of embroidered diodes:

  • Presentation systems for exhibition stand construction and event presentation
  • Advertising at the outside facade
  • Ambient illumination in public projects

Due to the automatic and for this for the reproducing realization of designs, the production of prefabricated illuminating elements will also be possible in short runs. The future integration of light and voltage supply of LWL or LED-strings in the layout allows a bigger design variety.