Erosion screen mat in order to influence flow rates

During the project a manufacturing technology will be developed in order to produce geo textile mats for the erosion protection at dewatering buildings. Due to the special structuring of the mats the flow rate of the water will be reduced and at the same time a safe flow without any damages at the buildings will be possible.

Customer use:

  • Integration in goits or sewers, optional dump construction, coal mining and future landscapes
  • Adapted structuring of the geo textile mats
  • Low efforts in order to prepare the underground (carrying, water permeability
  • Low mass (transport friendly)
  • Large utilization (for different ditch cross sections and dispositions)
  • Market: Buidltech, Geotech

Advantages against common water construction elements:

  • Adapted mat sizes in the case of flown surfaces, industrial pre-produced (no integration of unique water components)
  • Stream optimized, complex structuring of the mats
  • It is possible to expand, use in the case of unstructured surfaces, consequently an increase of the functional assurance.
  • Simple handling during the installation, no massive base will be necessary
  • Uncomplicated deconstruction